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Tom Suhler

My name is Tom Suhler and I am a fine art photographer living in Austin, Texas.  Photography has been a part of my life ever since I dragged my dad’s childhood darkroom equipment out of my grandparent’s attic at the age of 10.

My desire to capture motion, emotion, the feeling of a scene constantly occupies my mind and dominate my work.  I choose to articulate these subjects with women because I am drawn to them. From their lines and curves to the way they move when they are dancing or just walking down the street. What intrigues me is trying to capture the beauty of those forms and movements.  I am amazed at how the slightest change in movement can effect what is communicated.  For me photography forges the very best way for me to understand and explore these relationships in an artistic manner.

This blog contains my brief ramblings about the material I stumble across as I continue my pursuit of creating fine art nude photography.

I support the American Society of Media Photographers Registration ©ounts initiative. I register all of my photographs with the United States copyright office.

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